Friday 4 January 2008

Day 6: Relaxing Day Tour in the City

Started the morning feeding the babies in the orphanage. I have an absolute favorite named Minh. He's a thirteen-year-old who's always full of smiles and constantly waves at me. So cute!

Minh! Thirteen-year-old I couldn't help but favor! :)

It's hitting me as it's hard to wake up so early! Ahh, the life of a student...not only was I tired, but I actually fell asleep by the Saigon River! Jaywalking this proved quite difficult--I'm pretty sure the locals don't actually jaywalk through a traffic jam, but I guess I'm just that hardcore.

Some local kids were doing flips and tricks into the of the sights you don't get as a typical tourist. It was nice.

By the Saigon River. These kids were full of life!

The Fine Arts Museum was a nice treat, but I almost got hustled by the lady at the souvenir shop. Wanting a poster, I asked them to be careful rolling it up--she wasn't (of course), bent it, and still wanted me to pay. I ate some pho at Kim's Cafe and took the bus home. I had an encounter with the crazy bus worker who yelled at me, but this time had a legitimate ticket.

Tip: Always get the bus worker to drop you about 30 seconds in reach of your actual location. Otherwise, you'll have alot of walking to do as they tend to overshoot.

A pleasent surprise occured tonight: James Do showed up at my door! We took a walk down the street before he went to see the rest of his family.

It's been good, but I'm not going to lie...I miss home.

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