Monday 17 March 2008

Day 3: Kids, Of Course!

We volunteered at Red Mesa Elementary School today where I was placed with Ms. Detwoods's third-grade class. I first taught them USC's "Fight On!" symbol of course, and then they proceeded to introduce themselves to me. There were about twelve syllables for each of their clans!

Ms. Deswoods's third-grade class Fighting On!

Jamie was definitely my favorite and I even had the opportunity to meet the "Princess" of the Navajo school.

Jamie, my favorite!

I helped them read "Eyes of Rome" where one of their vocabulary words was "obelisk?" Quite intelligent third-graders! The kids kept yelling, "Krystina, sit next to me!" It was quite sweet!

At lunch, we played Black Magic and thankfully, nobody else stole my credit card. Back at the third-grade class, the kids gave me welcome back hugs and Kristin and I helped them partner read, take tests, and gave them reading checks. It was obvious to see that there were way too many students in the class for only one teacher (about thirty). It is easy to see that the children would learn better if there was more specialized attention. If only we could decrease the student: teacher ratio!

We hugged the kids goodbye and then the group headed off to the Sea Edge Museum and the Bluff Hotel. We had a chance to look at units the ancient Pueblos once lived. It was amazing to gaze over their stonework and masonry architecture. The homes would surround a plaza, also known as a kiva.

Michael falling asleep in the kiva

At the Sea Edge Museum, we then learned about some Navajo tools and fashion. I'm truly excited about the upcoming pow-wow. Good day!

Looking at the wonderful woven work. Original and hand-made.

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