Tuesday 21 December 2010

Korup National Park - Rainforest Time!

Last night I spotted a random Cameroonian wearing medallions like “Flavor Flave” and a fisheman’s hat. I thought nothing about it until we saw him today…he had helped the other PCVs to find spaghetti omelettes (a normal treat here in Cameroon) and had later led me to my friends. You always have random Cameroonians helping you and it’s always more fun when they sport such bizarre attire.

Our savoir!

Today’s adventure was the highlight of the trip: trekking through the rain forest! Korup National Park is considered Africa’s oldest and most diverse rainforest. The most developed park in Cameroon, the 1260km forest is full of trails and suspension bridges. To set up a tour, call ObensaLinkm Oben at +237 77 60 15 10 or email Obensam@yahoo.com.

Entering Korup National Park

Though the trail we took to the Mana Waterfall only allowed us to hear birds overhead and chase a few butterflies, Korup is the single richest lowland site in Africa with over 400 species of birds and 1,000 species of butterflies. The road to Mundemba is rough (four hours on a unpaved road in a bush taxi), but the WWF has worked with the Cameroonian government to build it up as a tourist attraction.

The Mana Waterfalls!

Bush taxi transporation in Cameroon

Follow us into the rainforest!

Tip: Beware of the suspension bridge heading to Mana Waterfall! It may be missing a plank or two. Or three.

I think this bridge needs some work....

The Mana Waterfalls - gorgeous!

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