Saturday 7 May 2011

Edea, Cameroon

While waiting between the GMAT test disaster (see previous post) and preparation of training for the newest group of Peace Corps Trainees, I took the weekend to visit fellow Peace Corps Volunteer, Greg Clements.

Edea, Cameroon. Located in the Littoral region just 50km from Douala, Cameroon's business capital. It's hot here, folks!

First stop was Calao Club. Here, one can find the best 'soja (street meat)' in the country. It was a nice relaxing place to lounge and we found...COTTON CANDY! Mind-blowing to find that here in our corner of Africa.

Greg gleaning over cotton candy in Edea

After passing Edea on trips before, I always found my eye catching the hotel below:

Hotel photoshoot!

It has no name, but if you say "Ya know? That hotel with colors," people will know what you're talking about!

Best stop was the market! I highly recommend Edea's market as one can find everything and anything without the annoyances (and aggressiveness) of those markets in Yaounde and Douala. Most importantly, the 'pagne' (fabric to make clothes) is beautiful! I found silky black and white pagne to make American-style dresses.

Before buying supplies for tonight's dinner, Greg and I stopped off at Livio Bar, which lies on the shortcut between the main Yaounde/Douala and Marche du Bord roads. I like the blocks!

Livio Bar

The night ended with a delicious tortilla dinner and yes, it was all made from scratch. Delicious!

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