Saturday 14 May 2011

I Don't Give Away Milk

After a long day of pagne shopping, Ben Ace and I ate delicious fried rice at L’Orient Rouge. It was good to catch up as Ben and I live about 21 hours away from each other! Luckily, being active with Peace Corps background activities lets us catch up from time to time.

After some great Chinese, we headed off to the French Cultural Center where there was a highly entertaining hip hop show. The dancers were great, but the song “Je ne donne pas de lait (I don’t give away milk)” was even better! If you’re confused, let me put this into cultural context. Here in Cameroon, it’s very customary to give away gifts whether you are coming back from vacation or just because. It’s easy to buy drinks for someone; however, if you don’t even give away milk, you must not give away any kind of gift.

It took a taxi man to explain that one to us :)

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