Sunday 15 May 2011

The University of Yaounde

I visited my buddy, Muburak, who currently studies at the University of Yaounde. Taught by a PCV while in high school, he can understand American English extremely well!

Surprisingly, the University of Yaounde strikingly represented an American University. The library was about five stories tall and there was wireless. The oldest university in the country (built in 1962, mind you) is a mix of old and new. Yes, there’s wireless, but final grades are still posted on one big wall.

One of the graduate student buildings

Clearly, I have lost my fashion sense since moving to Cameroon

We walked over to Muburak’s dorm room, which goodness, is small! What can you do? This is college after all - complete with an NPR magazine that features “American” culture: flea markets, barbeques, and...the Peace Corps!

Muburak's kitchen, bedroom, and office

NPR magazine listing all things American from rodeos to summer camps. And of course, the Peace Corps! (sorry for the photo rotation, I'm in Cameroon and internet is way too slow to change it!)

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