Thursday 12 May 2011

Just a Taste of the States

If you’re living in America and reading this post, this will be irrelevant to you. If you are a Peace Corps Volunteer living in a developing country, you will know what I mean!

Five others PCVs and I headed off to Pizza Roma, the most fantastic (and only!) PIZZA place in Yaounde. And yes, it’s real pizza with real CHEESE! Between the six of us, we ordered Pizza Margherita, Hawaiian, and Vegetarian. I had three huge slices for less than $6US. They even provided OLIVE OIL for us to put onto our pizza. Heaven.

Afterwards, we saw what looked like a huge boulangerie (bakery) a little ways across the street. It turns out that the new Dovv Supermarche is two stories and sells BROCCOLI, CAULIFLOWER and…YOGA MATS! Additionally, there’s shopping carts, concierge service, a fountain, and a computer in case you need to check your internet!

I found America. It’s in the Bastos neighborhood of Yaounde, Cameroon. And again, if you’re living in a first-world country, I apologize for the boring post.

But for my fellow PCVs and me, tonight was pretty awesome.

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