Monday 26 March 2012

Beautiful Dschang, Cameroon

Forty-five minutes outside of Bafoussam lies Dschang (pronounced "Chong"), an old German colonial town. The town is "man-made" with a constructed lake and a mountain resort.

After exploring the Artisan market, we walked over to the University of Dschang. Like it's counterpart, University of Buea, the college architecture was very modern with multi-storied buildings and tennis courts. The students sported Western jeans while enjoying the sunshine on the grass-covered campus.

The surrounding villages of Dschang were easily my favorite parts of the day. At Lingam, 10km from Dschang on the way to Fongo-Tongo, we were escorted by friendly villagers to the Cascade de Lingam (Waterfalls of Lingam). There they "blessed me" - this consisted of hitting leaves on my feet!

Though it was dry season, the waterfalls were gorgeous!

Cascade de Lingam

Having my feet blessed from my ancestors

Continuing on, we headed off to the Southwest Region to the Chute de la Mamy Wata (Mommy Water Waterfalls!). The falls were small, but the view was phenomenal!

View from Chutes de la Mamy Wata

That night, we met up with fellow Peace Corps Volunteer, Jessica Veldman, at the Musee des Civilisations, a newly opened cultural museum focusing on the diversity of various groups in Cameroon. Dschang definitely showed its charm!

Musee des Civilisations, a two-story cultural museum opened in 2011

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