Friday 30 March 2012

Prescraft Handicrafts, Bamenda, Cameroon

I rarely ever blog about food or restaurants. It's not that I refuse to be a foodie (who doesn't love good wining and dining), but I tend to focus my travel writing on adventures and activities. That is; however, until...Prescraft.

A fair trade enterprise headquartered in Bamenda, Northwest region of Cameroon, Prescraft is "a producer, seller, and exporter of fine African arts & crafts." Currently, over 150+ men and women directly benefit from the store's activities. The store's decorations and artisan artifacts combine traditional African culture with modern styles and flair.

Prescraft's home decor - great mix of Afro-Euro-Americana trends

Most people shop at Prescraft and then walk next door to Prescafe. The restaurant itself provides sleek IKEA-ish furniture while you dine. Menu choices include everything from cappuccinos to tomato soups. I highly recommend any kind of salad.

Even the bathroom entrance at Prescafe is sheek

It was the first time in two years I've ordered salad from a restaurant in Cameroon (due to my unhealthy eating habits and the fact that I worry about getting sick from uncooked food), but Prescrafe's pasta salad was too good to pass up.

Prescafe's pasta salad. Yum.

After two years of basically eating only Cameroonian food (and the occasional pizza/Lebanese treat), I might only blog about food and restaurants when I come back to the US!


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  2. Glad you enjoyed reading! Prescraft was great!

  3. Cameroonian food? Hmm, uncooked food? Really interesting...

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