Monday 23 July 2012

Boating in Bruges and Blankenberge's Sand Sculture Festival

After dropping off my broken sandal at the cobbler, Adam and I headed off to Blankenberge and Bruges. Note: ALWAYS pack at least two pairs of easily accessible shoes!  Otherwise, you could end up like me and wear traditional African sandals (for decoration only) all over Europe!

First stop was to see the Sprookjeswereld Sand Sculpture Festival in Blankenberg. Here, thirty-eight professional artists have hand-crafted millions of kilograms of sand into larger-than-life sculptures.  There were only three large rooms to the festival, but the Disney and storybook themes made it a sight to see!

The gorgeous and intricate sculptures of Blankenberge's Sprookjeswereld Sand Sculpture Festival

Blankenberge is a nice port town, but we had to soon backtrack on the train to Bruges for the 3pm demonstration show at The Diamond Museum.  After being lost for half an hour, we found out that the 3pm show occurred at noon!  The complimentary diamond that attendees receive was literally no bigger than half a millimeter, so I didn't feel too bad about missing out on anything.  

Bruges, a significant economic center because of its port, is considered a "canal city," so off on a boat ride we went! Though the half hour boat rides attract only tourists, how can you visit Venice without riding in a gondola?  And if anything, it's worth it to see the below statue putting in contact lenses.

Floating through the canals of Bruges

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