Saturday 29 November 2008

The Jewels of London

Leslie and I started the morning by taking pictures on the one and only London Bridge. The modern bridge, opened in 1973, lies roughly 860 feet long and carries five lines of A3.

London Bridge; it's not falling down.

We then headed off to the Tower of London to learn the city's great history! The best exhibit was the Crown Jewels, which showcased a beautiful collection of gems and stones. There in the gift shop, I also found the perfect wallet - functional and trendy!

The London Tower - a must see!

A necklace in the Crown Jewels collection

Walking across the Tower Bridge provided great pictures as well. Originally painted brown, it was repainted in 1977 as red, white and blue for the Queen's Silver Jubilee. We then took the bus to the Shakespeare Globe.

Tower Bridge

Note: Make sure you are at the right bus station! The station is different depending on which side of the intersections you're on.

Christmas Markets are plentiful and beautiful in London! At Covenant Garden Market, gloves were only 3pounds. The markets provided great photography as well.
Jubilee Market, next to Covenant Market was small, but provided nice crafts. There was an amazing Audrey Hepburn matted drawing that I wanted, but I was able to refrain. Maybe next time!

Covenant Garden Market

We headed off to Leicester Square for theater tickets at half price. However, by that afternoon, tickets were either all sold out or super expensive. I was able to grab a 37.50pound seat to "Imagine This."

Before the show, a trip to the contemporary art museum of Tate Modern was a necessity! Tate Modern is Britain's national museum of international modern art. And it's free - love it!

I went back to Covenant Market for the photography frame where I gave the artist all my remaining pounds. Power-walking to get to the show on time, I backtracked to Leicester Square to the New London Theater. This was actually a good move as I forgot my new gloves at the Covenant Garden Market!
A fantastic Broadway show!

"Imagine This" was fantastic as it was based on a Jewish family forced into the ghettos of Warsaw, Poland. The father wanted to continue the play to inspire others and give them hope. At the conclusion, the family has to decide if they want to warn the others in the community or save themselves. Of course, a love story ties into the play and the effects (i.e. gunshots) sounded ridiculously real.

Ironically, a Texan couple sat next to me and told me that they were proud of me for coming to Europe. Sure thing! The show ended with a World Aids Day announcement asking for donations to the theaters MAD (Making a Difference) Fund. Good idea!

With only 1.60pounds left, I successfully found a Subway! Unfortunately, the sandwich was only 3pounds and it was 5pounds minimum for credit card. So I ordered a drink...4pounds. And then a cookie...4.60pounds. How about a donut? 5pounds and 30 cents! Phew! There's just too much to do and see in London!

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