Sunday 30 November 2008

Running in London Rain

We passed by a travel agency this morning where they actually had the Contiki brochure in which we did a photoshoot! With my usual luck; however, it was definitely not open!

No visit to London would be complete without visiting Hyde Park. Covering 350 acres with over 4,000 trees, Hyde Park serves as a getaway from the busy city. Being December, there was also a WinterWonderland complete with snow and ice skating.

Hyde Park on a dreary, yet still nice London afternoon

Speaker's Corner, in the northeast part of the park, allows individuals to publicly speak or declare their opinions on a variety of subjects. It was here that George Orwell and Marcus Garvey voiced their thoughts and points. Make note; however, that it might not always be occurring in the winter months.

10:41AM - Marble Arch picture. Must get to Princess Diana's Memorial and then to Buckingham Palace at 11:30AM to watch the changing of the guards.

The Marble Arch comprised of Carrara-marble

10:48AM - Running around Kingston Gardens, but where is Princess Di's Memorial? Oh, what a hunt!

I jumped back in the tube to get to Buckingham Palace in time. It wouldn't be a complete trip to London without running in the rain!

11:29AM: I reach the Palace, but where's the changing of the guards? After a few minutes, I notice the sign: Changing of the Guards is canceled today. Always my luck! However, it was nice to see the British monarch's official residence.

Buckingham Palace in her glory

At the train station of King's Cross, one receives another passport stamp (for a total of 3!) and luckily Cafe Nero accepted credit card with no minimum as I spent the rest of my 1.60pounds on a 1.99pound shot glass. As I received my panini, the cafe worker stated, "I hope you like it; it's not good." Ahaha.... Will miss you, London!

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