Sunday 9 November 2008

Morning, Madrid!

The Airbus is the cheapest way to get to BCN airport, especially with our discount for having the Barcelona Card! The stop at Madrid's airport was an adventure in itself as we ran into Andrea Wheaton, another exchange student, and we spent twenty minutes looking for Jessica's credit card. Thankfully, she found it and didn't leave in it Barcelona!

We bought two days worth of travel as it was only 8euros. After checking into Cat's Hostel, we took the metro to Parque del Retiro. With its 350 acres, the park offers sculptures to monuments to a gorgeous lake. On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, the locals came out performing and dancing! It was quite relaxing and highly rivals Central Park of New York.

Relaxing on the Monument of Alfonso XII

One of the highlights was rowboating on the lake! We struggled a bit (okay, alot) to get the boat out, but after a few, we were pros!

Rowboating adventure on Estanque del Retiro!

The attraction that I needed to see in the park was the Palacio de Cristal. The glass pavillion was built in 1887 and was inspired by the Crystal Palace of London. It portrayed a gorgeous exhibition from Rafina Sofia.

The Crystal Palace - my favorite attraction in Madrid!

Museo del Prado was free on Sundays from 5PM-8PM, so off we went! The sculptures about Aphrodite and the exhibit by Valesque were amoungst the best works. The famous painting "Plaza del Sol Dinner" was featured as well.

That night, we took a siesta before planning to wake up for the pub crawl at 12:30AM (which if you remember, is early to go out in Spain!) Unfortunately, as we were exhausted from the night before, we completely slept through the alarm! It was very much needed sleep though!

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