Monday 15 August 2011

Butterfly Hunting in Togo

After yesterday’s 12-hour bus ride (oh, the fatigue), we arrived to the small, cool-climate town of Kpalime (pah-lee-may). Caught in a tropical paradise, one can easily admire the hilly forests, artisan markets, and cocoa and coffee farms. Only 120km from Togo’s capital city of Lome, this Southern town is a must-stop for any traveler!

Top of our priority was...butterfly hunting! The ride to Kluto, 12km from Kpalime, led us through the lush, green rain forest. Not wanting to ruin my camera as it was gently sprinkling, I can only describe the moment as a ride through the tropics surrounding by jungle and peace. Lovely!

Kamalo Falls, a mineral-spring waterfall, on the way to Kpalime

Unfortunately, it was too foggy and misty to be surrounded by hundreds of butterflies (they only come out during the sunshine), but we still caught our fair share of little guys (okay, maybe 5, but still worth it!).

Butterfly hunting can easily make one look youthful again!

Got one!

After shopping at the Artisan market, we checked out of Hotel Bafana Bafana for lunch at Le Plaisir before the two hour drive to Lome. The rest of the night was spent eating at Nems 24, a Vietnamese restaurant. Luck would have it that the owner was actually Vietnamese and though he couldn’t speak English or French nor could I speak Vietnamese, we somehow stumbled through the three languages to have a nice conversation. And yes, it led to free pho!

Spaghetti bolognaise at Le Plaisir, Kpalime, Togo

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