Saturday 13 September 2008

And Let the Eurotrip Begin...

I ate my awesome spaghetti leftovers from Apollo's restaurant for breakfast. Yum!

We went on a tour of Delphi, an archaeological town which is the home of Apollo and the legendary Oracle. This was the site of the Pythian Games, the precursor to the Olympics as we know it today. Too bad our tour bus got on a bit of an accident on the way up, but it's all good!

The Center of the Universe! Legend has it that if it is touched, you will have weird dreams

We visited the museum next door and then had coffee at a local village. Usually, coffee in Greece would literally last for hours, but we had to jump right back on the bus to get back to Athens.

The charioteer, made by an unknown artist of the Severe style

After a nice long planning session at Regal Cafe and Bar (yeah, free wireless!), we headed back to our hostel to the Rooftop Bar where I was treated to one of their specialty drinks, Parthenon Passion. While everybody else walked to Psiri, a hip spot for nightlife in the city, I got a moped ride from one of the hostel workers (Olsen twin movie, much?) It was quite enjoyable, though I kept yelling "Omigosh!" the entire time!

Amazing toilet at Regal Cafe and Bar!

Moped ride on the way to Psiri

While waiting for everyone else to arrive, we had some drinks at Liquid Bar where of course, I met more people who had just finished going on their Contiki trips! We then met up with the rest of the group at Club Spirit where we danced, danced, danced!

Julia breaking it down at Spirit!

The night ended up with us sitting on a penthouse rooftop under the stars while the next door neighbors blasted traditional Greek music (again, Olsen twin movie status!) When I got back to the hostel at 4AM, I figured I would have to tip-toe around. Once I opened the door, I found Julia and Lillie hanging out with our other hostel guests! Haha, I love my roommates!

Took a one hour nap to prepare for our 5AM wake up call! And that's backpacking Europe!

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