Saturday 6 September 2008

And That Was Just a Bit of Australia...

As I was waiting for Kate Polybank today, I found an internet cafe that provided an hour's worth of internet for only $2AU (comparative to only twenty minutes at my hotel). We walked over to Chinatown to shop at Paddy's Market, argubly the largest open market in Australia. One can find anything here from flowers to fresh fruit to jewelry. This market is unique to others in the world as it has multiple stories.

Full-circle at Westfield

After buying some "authentic" Australian boomerangs for $9, we headed off to a Westfield shopping mall, where I bought a yellow travel purse from Sportsgirl. Running into a weirdo who kept raving about "High School Musical," we settled down and had some delicious hot chocolate before heading off to Darling Habour.

Kate at work!

Unfortunately, there were no fireworks as previously advertised because it was rainy and windy. Hence, we ate at the Pontoon Bar right by harborside and finished up drinks at the Cargo Bar. Too bad two drinks were $23.50AU!

Pontoon Nightclub and Bar at Darling Harbour

Cargo celebrity sightings

The environmentally-friendly toilet. Half-flush and full-flush - the U.S. should adopt this!

I will miss you, Sydney! I shall return and visit your Taronga Zoo!

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