Sunday 14 September 2008

Arrival to the Greek Isle of Santorini

After a delightful 5AM wake up, we took to metro to the port of Pireaus. Today would be a travel day as it takes up to eight hours to get to the beautiful island of Santorini. I grabbed the last coach seat, so Lillie and Julia got to upgrade to the first-class seatings. Too bad I slept on a bench with a body part touching each five of my bags! Gssh.

Unparalled sunset at the port of Pireaus

We had a tip to stay at Anna Perissa. 11 euros for our own private room, 8 euros to share. What a steal!

Tip: You don't need to make reservations when you reach Santorini. After coming off the ferry, there will be many hotel/hostel workers offering their places for you to stay. Don't be afraid to haggle!

The Black Sand Beach

At the beautiful Black Sand Beach, we held a mini-photoshoot and had a picnic with fruits and orange soda. We relaxed and took naps while the sun set. It was finally in this moment that it hit me that we were actually in GREECE backpacking EUROPE! Sigh...

Relaxing in paradise

We had amazing gyros with pita for dinner that night. Somehow, we ended up getting ATV rides around the island with some nice Australians! Too bad my driver was crazy and loved doing donuts all the time. Haha, good night!

Not too much of a fan of pita, but this was too good to resist!

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