Tuesday 16 September 2008

Sometimes You Need to take a Chance on Luck...

We dropped off our luggage to which we ran into everybody we had met on the island! Our shuttle was scheduled to leave at 2:30PM that day, so we figured we could squeeze in a bit of sightseeing.

12:50PM - We jump off the bus at the Red Sand Beach

1:10PM - The bus we were supposed to take, but we wanted to dip into the ocean! We took our chances in either taking the 1:30PM bus or calling a taxi.

The Red Sand Beach. Not red sand, but rather red rocks

1:40PM - The bus never shows up. We call a taxi. The number doesn't work!
1:45PMish - Lillie pushes for hitchiking. But wait! Travis from our hostel shows up on an ATV!

We tell Travis our situation and he says he can take us. So the four of us jump on the ATV made for two as we race back to the hostel! Although incredibly slow and we had to walk up hills (otherwise the ATV would stall), we made it back to the hostel at 2:07PM! Whew!

Ironically, everyone taking the transfer to the port of Thira was stuffed into our car and we hung out with John and Lucas while waiting for the ferry. Wish I were going to Ios too!

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