Sunday 21 September 2008

Arrivederci, Roma!

For the first time during our backpacking adventure, we slept in until 11AM! Woot!

After waking up with bruises and recapping, we made the boys breakfast in bed and cleaned their apartment as a thank you for letting us crash (and as an apology for making them go out so much!). We went shopping by Campo de Fiore (where I helped convince Julia to buy a ridiculously expensive purse) and down Via del Corso. This street is quite interesting as there will lie century-old shops next to megastores.

After debating if Adriano should buy new jeans or not (they made him look quite metrosexual), we decided he had to due to the fact that they were only 19euros!

We made our way back home where for the millionth time, we ran into the Monument of Victor Emmanuel! Over 200 feet high, the monument pays tribute to the first king of a unified Italy.

Victor Emmanuel - next up on my return to Roma!

We also stopped by the location of Julius Caesar's assassination, the infamous spot of his last words, "Et tu, Brutus?" Although one would think this would have become some sort of historical monument, it now serves as a cat sanctuary. Go figure.

The space where Julius Caesar was stabbed. It is now a cat sanctuary. Hmm...

Back at the apartment, we had a miniphotoshoot before the boys graciously helped us with our bags back to the train station at Termini.

Photoshoot with Adriano's new jeans!

After eating at Mr. Panino, it was now off to Florence!

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